Hello there!

Wanna get to know me better? I’ll fill you in.. My name is Saida, and I’m a girl, from Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. I love fashion and interior. Those two are my biggest passions, that I love to talk about.

I wanted to blog about fashion but my love for interior got bigger and bigger, day by day. And I decided to put those two together, and here it is!
My blog is all about fashion and interior. Here you will find the latest trends, and also inspiration that I absolutely love to share with you guys!

Furthermore, I post hauls, monthly favorites (different things), “how to’s” in fashion and interior, inspiration boards and my photography work!

I hope you all are enjoying my blog. Click around, to find more about me and to get inspired. I love to try new things out and to post them on my blog. I post twice a week. Sometimes three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Follow me for more fashion/interior/photography posts and many more.

Inspire and be inspired!

Love, Saida.

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