Hello there!

My name is Saida, and I’m a 22 year old girl, from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
I’m a fashion and media stylist, and I love to create new things and styles.
I love to share my creativity. And I’m always in for new challenges…

On this blog, I like to share my fashion interests in favorites, my outfits, and also trends for the seasons.
And I also really love interior. Where I like to share my favorite trends and styles, that I absolutely love, that I need to share.
My style is pretty minimal and I do love to make a twist around it. I like to change things up a bit, and that’s how I continue to learn more about myself and create my own style.

I love photography, as it is my favorite hobby. I photograph places I go to, moments and I just love to capture the little things. Most of the time, the ones I love and admire.
And also when I travel, I take a LOT of pictures, as well as live in the moment.
When it comes to travel photos, you can find it all under the “Explore” section.

I hope you all are enjoying my blog. Click around, to find more about me and to get inspired. I love to try new things out and to post them on my blog.
You can also find me on Instagram by the name @thatsosaida, and all my other social media accounts in the upper right corner.

Inspire and be inspired!

Love, Saida


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