Like, R________ Stuff

“Once upon a time, on a boring Saturday, a much needed day off, Saida decided to turn her room into a studio, and held a photoshoot. This, actually turned out pretty good. As a film lover, she decided to take pictures with her Canon camera, but edit the photos in a film way. You know, the ones that are taken with a disposable camera, like a polaroid… 
For the outfit, she went for a white tee, and a pair of blue denim jeans. To complete the look, she went for beige Converse shoes.
The white tee, had a saying on it, that was once said by the famous Kylie Jenner, in an interview, “This year is the year of like, realizing stuff.” I mean, that’s so true right…? Well, the photos were awesome, and the flashlight photos definitely have a disposable camera look, and “film vibes” going on… The pictures turned out amazing, and all was really good!
And that was a happy ending.” 
Curious of the pictures? Go check them out, below! 🙂 


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