Fall Fashion Moodboard

It’s the fall season, and with every new season, comes new trends. From different color shades, to different styles, and new looks. This time it’s all about layering clothes, and how to look good and comfy, and most importantly, to feel your best self.
As always, I have been into neutrals, beige shades, but now I’ve added brown colors too. I am obsessed with the “chocolate”, “coffee” or “mocha” brown tones. And I might’ve added a little pop of color right here and there. I’ve noticed that I’m trying to get more out of my style, as I’m trying out new things and ways to create new styles.
With that being said, I’m obsessed with blue. In the spring season of this year, I started wearing pastel blue, and I’m still obsessed with it now. But I’m trying out different shades of blue.

For other colors, I’ve been loving red/orange-ish soft tones. It’s all in the details, that matter to me. I think it gives something extra, and it gives a different look, and style.
I like to play around with colors, but I’m not like that with patterns. I only love plaid at the moment, and a little bit of a cheetah/leopard print. I haven’t added anything like that in my closet yet, but I’m slowly finding a way to get there. I personally think a sheer leopard printed turtleneck/top would look good on me, but I’m still trying to find the perfect one.

For fabrics, I’ve been loving the silk and denim style. But just silk in general, is just so gorgeous! It has a luxe look, and especially when it’s a beige/camel colored top/blouse.
To pair it with a pair of jeans, or a skirt, silk tops can go with anything!
And other than that, corduroy is back in again! A big trend right now!

For other styles, I’ve been loving dresses, more like the Moroccan “kaftan” look. I would style it with a belt, and a pair of white sneakers, or boots. It can literally go with anything. I just really love the loose fit, and the flowy style, of those dresses.

I collected some of my favorite styles, and photos that give me so much inspiration. And created a moodboard. And I added the colors I’ve been loving, related to the images.

*All photos are from Pinterest. Credits go to the owners. None of these are mine.




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