My Trip To Morocco (for a month)

Hello guys! I’m back and feeling good! It’s been a month since I’ve posted. I went on vacay to my homeland, Morocco. It’s been a great, fun and peaceful month.
It was a time to forget about reality, and dream on. I’ve been road tripping to places, and it was just so much fun! I’ve literally enjoyed every minute of my stay in Morocco.
I’ve been going back and forth to Marrakech. And for the first time I went to Tetouan, and I went to my family in Ouarzazate. It’s been a ride, but it was all worth it.
*Note: I have gone to more places than I show here. I just summarized some of my favorite places I went to. Because or else this blogpost would be too long.

I arrived in Marrakech, my parents have a place there (so we didn’t have to book a hotel, luckily!) The weather was crazy hot! It would be like 38°C degrees, every day.
In the morning and afternoon, it’s so silent, and not really that busy at all. The city comes out at night, and it’s crazy everywhere. The later it gets, the more crowded the town is gonna become. But I’ve discovered many other places, and the Koutoubia Mosque is so beautiful. I went to Jemaa El Fna too. I hardly took any photos there, because it’s just really dangerous for my phone to be out there (recently got the iPhone 8). And you can easily get stolen, because it’s the busiest place in Marrakech.
But I’ve seen so many gorgeous places, it’s just sad I couldn’t take any photos.

But in the midday, I went to the big markets, Jemaa El Fna. It was so fun and a crazy amazing thing happened. (Long story short: Eva Gutowski (mylifeaseva on YT and Instagram), announced she would visit Marrakech. I freaked out and hoped I would meet her). And so my sister and I walked in the markets, and I see Eva and her boyfriend (Adam) standing there, and I freaked out! Omg it felt like I was dreaming. I couldn’t talk properly because I was so nervous and my sister was laughing at me. So I walked up to her and Eva goes like “Hi! How are you?” And I’m rambling about different stuff, how much I love her and her content, and that I’ve been following her since 2011/2012 or so. It was crazy! And so we took a picture, and she was so nice! And Adam btw, much hotter in real life and so sweet! It felt like it was happening so fast, but she was so sweet!
I tagged them on my instastory, and she shared it on her story. My notifications were blowing up! It was crazy! But I was so happy and that basically literally made my day.

So I’ve been in Marrakech for the first four days. At night I had some drinks and dinner with my sisters, and brother-in-law. We did this horse-ride, and we’ve seen so many pretty places. I also saw the Mamounia Hotel, and so many pretty fountains.
And there’s this mall, called the Menara Mall. There’s a terrace there where you can eat/drink, and watch the fountain show at night. It was so beautiful to see!
I also tried a crepe for the first time, and an avocado smoothie. It was pretty good!

And then I went to Tetouan by car. It’s a 10-hour ride from Marrakech to Tetouan. It’s been a hella ride.

Arrived safely in Tetouan, and it was amazing. The town is so gorgeous, with beautiful white houses and they have beaches there (since it’s near the ocean). It wasn’t as hot as Marrakech, luckily.
Basically, every day was beach day. I enjoyed it all, the sound of the waves, the sun and just not worrying about anything, felt incredibly good. I swam a lot, I also went on a jetski for the first time. It was SO much fun! I went with my sister, and she just went for it. It was so incredible. I was actually scared to do it at first, but after my first try, I actually want to do it again.

And later we went outside for dinner and drinks. Tetouan was incredibly crowded at night. Apparently the king of Morocco was there, which was one of the reasons why it was so crazy crowded.
Two days later, we were so tired, we took a day off from the beach. On that day, we watched the sun set on a mountain and drank original Moroccan mint tea.
The view was insane, it felt like I was dreaming. It was absolutely breathtaking and so gorgeous!

2018-07-23 21:00:39.727

Two days later, my sister and I took the bus from Tetouan to Marrakech. We passed by Tangier, Rabat and Casablanca. And it all was again, a 10-hour ride.

So back in Marrakech, I visited the gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent garden, Le Jardin Majorelle. And afterwards visited the YSL Musée (museum). They were both absolutely stunning to see. I visited around 3pm. It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be (luckily). Walking around, and exploring the garden was amazing. The blue house looks even more beautiful in real life, as well as the garden. It was stunning!
There was also a museum inside the garden, called the “Berber Museum”. You could see the old clothing that the Berber people back in the days wore, and the things they used. It was so fun to see, and it was so wonderful.

For the YSL museum, inside you could see some of Yves Saint Laurent’s previous collections in a exhibition. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take photos. But it was marvelous.
The museum in general, everything looked amazing. The architecture was so nicely done, I have no words for it. Just gorgeous. As well as the YSL sign, that you walk in from the entrance. Had a little photoshoot going on, with my sister 😉 We took so many great shots.
I totally recommend to visit this place! It’s gorgeous! And I’d also recommend taking the taxi, it’s easier to get there. I heard that it’s pretty hard to find a parking spot.

After, that I went on a hunt for hummus (which I eventually didn’t find), and so we found this shopping mall, called “Carre Eden”. Which had Starbucks, Adidas, H&M, and more. Was so fun to see, but we headed home because we were so tired.

Then I went back to my roots, to Ouarzazate, for two weeks. It’s been so long that I had visited that place. It was so peaceful and it was so fun to see my aunts and uncles again.
The one thing that you’ll always hear is “Wow, have you grown?!” Or “It’s been so long, when was the last time you were here?”
It was so amazing to be with my family again. Waking up to such a beautiful view, with mountains, and greenery everywhere. Basically nature. And because the place where we live (Kelaat Mgouna), is on a mountain, the clouds are so close.

And at night, the stars would come out and show up clearly, and guys this is the best moment of the day. I always loved to sit in the balcony at night, and watch the stars. It was breathtaking! Just so wonderful and so beautiful. Thousands, and millions of stars showed up, that you could see with the naked eye. When my niece arrived, this would be our thing every night.
We would just get a blanket, lay down and look at the stars. And we would talk about different things, and/or listen to music. I was living in the moment, and it really touched me that life is short indeed, and I should make more out of myself. And do more in life, and travel more. I even downloaded this app, where you can see what the names are of the stars and there were even planets. I remember there was this orange “star”, and I checked the app, and looked over it. Turned out, it was Venus (the planet). How amazing?! It was crazy and so much fun.

The road from Ouarzazate to Marrakech was insane. Mother Nature is stunning. I’ve seen so many BEAUTIFUL mountains, it was insane. It felt like I was looking at a Google picture but I was actually experiencing it.

2018-08-31 16:24:26.041

After 12 days spending time with the fam, I spend two/three days in Marrakech. It was time to pack everything up.
My sister and I did go swimming at this swimming-park called Oasiria. We went with our nephews and niece. It was so much fun, and I enjoyed every swim and the sun. There were palmtrees everywhere, and it just felt like good vibes were going on.
There was also this really funny “hut” a place that looks like a hut from the outside, but it’s not really. But you could eat inside and there was this lounge area.

And the last morning, we packed everything up. And it was time to say goodbye to the hot weather, beautiful palmtrees, peaceful places, stunning nature. A good month, well spent.

Bye Morocco, and until next time!


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    1. Hi there! Yeah, I did explore more places. Just not on the busride, because the bus only stopped at the busstops for the travelers. It wasn’t a normal public transportation bus 😉
      And tickets to Marrakech were cheaper, depending on the longer the stay. But I’m not sure about the comparison of Marrakech and Fes… 🙂

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