Summer Fashion Trends



Summer is here, and I’m talking about some of my favorite trends for this season.

  1. Paperbag pants. I’m in love with this model, lately. I think it goes perfectly with everything and there are many different styles.
  2. Lightweight trenchcoat. Perfect for the summer evenings, when it gets a little chilly. And we all know that trenchcoats go with everything!
  3. A-Line dresses. With a v-neck and/or a slit. I’m in love with this type of dress. Hint the beige one in the photo on the right (from Mango). I’m obsessed with this one!
  4. A mix of beige and pastel-blue tones. My favorite as you can tell from my Instagram feed. I think pastel-blue is such a pretty color for this summer season.
  5. Two-piece sets. I’ve seen a lot from H&M and Zara. There are basic colored ones, and patterned sets. I do actually like this trend! Also, I think something like this just never gets out of style.
  6. Buttoned dresses. Lately I’ve been seeing these on Instagram, with dresses, skirts, blouses. With the caramel marbled colored, buttons. And now they come on dresses too. I love this style, and I’ve been eye-ing this a lot!
  7. Bucket bags in nets. I’ve seen this one before on a look that Aimee Song wore, once. I love this style, it’s very versatile. And it’s also a really fun bag to accessorize your look more.
  8. Straw hats and bags. I think they’re really fun and perfect for the summer and beach. There are so many styles out there, and I think these are so versatile. You can style them in so many ways. Little or big bags, are perfect for the beach or just for going out.
  9. Marbled earrings. I’m in love with this trend. I’ve seen a lot of different ones, from a lot of Instagram brands. They’re gorgeous!
  10. Multi-colored swimsuits. These are so fun and pretty to wear! So good for the summer!



So these are my favorite summer trends. Which one do you like most? Would love to know!

Thank you loves, Saida



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