Happy Birthday To Me! #22

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22! TBH, have been waiting for this moment to come…

I’m having mixed emotions right now, writing this… it’s passed midnight right now, 1 am-ish… I’ve bawled my eyes out, thinking about a lot of things… why is the time going so fast? What will it feel like to be 22? How is this year going to be? What are my goals, that I want to achieve on this age? Will I ever get over my social anxiety? Will something big happen when I’m 22? All those questions going on around in my head…

In my 21 years, I’ve always tried to stay positive, when I’ve been put in a lot of negative places. I’ve always tried to keep it up, see the good in everything that happens, and to let myself know that everything happens for a reason. It took quite a while to train my brain like that. I’d normally either get anxiety, or I’d just be over it because my patience was so low.

But now, here I am, being that 22 year old, young woman. Living her life, as much as she can. I’m hoping for the best this year, and just achieve some of my goals.
I hope to do more this year, travel a lot, meet new people and just live life.

I’m grateful for where I am right now, and I can’t wait for what this year has in store for me.

Here’s to 22 years! And let’s sing a long to that Taylor Swift’s “22” song! (Just realized that rhymed, lol!)




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