Beige & Denim

I love warm tones, and especially when it’s styled with denim.
Today’s outfit is a beige/cream colored linen blazer, from H&M Trend. Absolutely in love with this blazer. I’ve been on the hunt for a blazer like this, and I actually found it on sale  in store. But then I found out it was still full price online.
But I’m so in love with this blazer!

Next, is just a simple white tee. I love a basic white t-shirt, and I found out that women t-shirts are never really easy to find. I found this basic white t-shirt at the men’s department at H&M. Ever since then, I started to get my basic t-shirts at the men’s department. And now I have a black and beige one too. They’re really comfortable, and easy to wear and tuck in.
What I also found out is, it’s way cheaper than women’s t-shirts.
But yeah, I love the men’s t-shirts!

And for last, is a good pair of denim jeans. I got these on sale too. These are simple, high waisted jeans. I’m in love with it. It feels so good, I love the denim washing color.
And it’s just so amazing!

Whole H&M outfit













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