Life Update: College In One Year

Hello guys! Oh wow, I feel like it’s been a while… a month, I think?? Well, let’s start!

I’ve had a long time and hard work at school (which I recently finished, and I got my certificate! Yay!!). I went to a college, a Dutch fashion/interior one, and it was so much fun! It’s called Akademie Vogue, in Amsterdam.
I followed two courses instead of a training. Fashion styling and media styling. I love(d) them both, and enjoyed my time there! It was so much fun, I met new and so many talented people. And most importantly I’ve learned a lot! It wasn’t the basic information I got, it got so much deeper and it’s so professionally taught.

With this last assignment/project we had, I needed a lot of time to put all my work in.
I was incredibly focused, I did all this with passion. These were such challenging assignments, and I’m so happy I finished them. And my presentations went so good. (I’m always really nervous when it comes to presentations).
It took a lot of time, that I honestly haven’t had the time to go to the gym…. like that says a lot…
I worked on these projects, literally day and night. And next to that I would work too.
At school, when I’d discuss how far I’d be, I would either sometimes get a “you need to change something”, or “there’s a story, but it feels like it’s missing something” from my teachers.
And I had to change things up every time. One of these assignments was to literally make a trend forecast book for 2021. Please don’t ask me how I did it, because it took so much time, to do so much research. And within these big assignments, we had little “extra” assignments too. Which made it so hard, to do everything at the same time. Especially when we had to work with deadlines.

And for the other subject, was to make a magazine. This was so fun to do. I love it when it comes to digital design, and graphic design. It was pretty challenging, but it was really fun to do. Like choosing the lay-out, what type of font, how to style the photos, how it all goes together. As there should be kind of a story line, with the editorials and media/travel pages, that comes in a magazine.

But here I am, a certified fashion AND media stylist. I’m really proud of myself and my hard work. I know about myself that if I really want something, I really go for it, and put out the best version of myself.
I was so happy to receive my certificate and my grade list. It looked so good!

Now I know how to style a magazine, a video, website. And as a fashion stylist, I know how to trend forecast, plan photoshoots, take responsibility for clothing. And also how to work with concept stores, how to create setups and so much more. There’s so much I’ve learned this year. It’s like I’ve stepped more out of my comfort zone. I do more, and as much as I want to and I used to be so afraid of, is to connect with people.

And I’m like so in, to do more shoots, and create editorials. As a photography lover and stylist, I love to do both of them. As I’m planning to do that more now.

So that was my “little” story for you guys… I’m back, I have more time now.
Summer break is almost here. I’m also going on a vacay for a month in mid-July, back to my fatherland, Morocco. I’m going to Marrakech and probably also where my parents originally come from.
But I’m so excited because I haven’t been there in so long. So, a lot of travel photos will come too!

A lot of blogposts will be up soon, as I’m working on some right now.

Thank you for your time, and I’ll see you soon in my next blogpost.

Love, Saida


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