Dark & Moody

I’ve been loving warm and dark colors lately, (as you can tell by my Instagram feed).
Sometimes when I don’t know what to wear, I check the weather first. The weather in the Netherlands has been quite cold and grey lately. Sometimes a little sunshine (which makes my day), but most of the time it’s just cold and cloudy.

And so I like to wear something that warms me up, like a turtleneck. But I don’t want it do be that casual, (if in that case I want to look good). I wear slacks with a plaid pattern. This has a warm tone to it, so it goes really well together with the turtleneck.

And on it, I wear a black blazer, and to accessorize the look, I wear a black bag (All my bags are black). But here I wear a bag from Mango. I love this bag, it’s so gorgeous.

And for other accessories, I wear a necklace with a pendant, sometimes I layer it, but I most of the time I just wear one necklace, to keep it minimal. And to finish the look, I wear a watch. Because you know, I love to know what time it is. But the look of the watch also can make your outfit effortless, and amazing. And this watch is gold, so it completes the look.













I hope you liked this blogpost. If you want to see more, make sure to like this blogpost. And there will be more to come!

Thank you loves, Saida


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