Winter ’18 Fashion Trends

As you may know me, I love to share my favorite trends for the seasons. And this time it’s all about the winter season of ’17/’18.
I’ve seen a lot of warm colors, nude, beige, camel, and a lot more!
And I love to see how people style outfits in different ways.
Now, I wanted to share some of my favorite trendy pieces of this winter season…


Let’s start off with look 1.
1. Plaid/Checked coat. Or you could also go for a blazer. Such a staple piece, and it never goes out of style! You can’t get wrong with one, and you can style it in different ways.
2. Some sort of cat-eye sunglasses, is a must. There are a lot of different styles and colors to choose from. I just think, that they’re so cool!
3. Any turtleneck, or a white basic jersey turtleneck. Perfect for layering your outfits, and to use it as a base. Love it!
4. A white bag, with some details on it. This Gucci bag, stole my heart… It’s so beautiful!
5. Belts have been/and are such a trend for this season! It’s fun to play with, and you never know what you get out of it! Sometimes you see only black and brown belts, how about to try a white one now? I love this Gucci belt, it’s so minimalistic, but the gold logo finishes the look!
6. Boots, boots, boots… Can’t get enough of them! Now, in white? Yes, please! I love these off white boots.
7. White, wide legged denim jeans. I love them, perfect for like an all white look.
Now on to look 2!
1. A camel coat, is perfect for any occasion. Really love the color, and the model! Also, never goes out of style.
2. Knitted sweater. Because, what’s winter, if you don’t own anything knitted in your wardrobe? I love a good knitted sweater/turtleneck. Also perfect for layering outfits, especially if you want to play with materials and colors.
3. The plaid/checked pants/trousers. I love these! I own some, and I can’t get enough of them! Definitely a staple piece to have, and really fun to play with different styles. (Since there are many different styles of these pants). I love plaid!
4. Beige/brown/nude colored bags… And I’m talking about little bags, because first of all, they’re really cute! And second, they’re perfect to carry on! This bag from Chloe, is so cute and I’m obsessed with the color!
5. Black retro, oval framed sunglasses. I’ve been seeing these all over my Instagram feed. I love these!
6. Boots, where the heels are different colored. I love these light brown boots.
7. Any circled or hooped earrings, are amazing! These are my favorites, love them!
So these were my favorite trends for this season!
Thank you all loves, Saida

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