Cozy Winter

Oh those cold winter days… the start of 2018, is going good so far for me though…
Knitted sweaters, are all I need right now, with this cold weather.
And to layer my outfits, which is my favorite thing to do.

How I start? I start with a base. Whether it’s a long sleeved top, shirt, or a t-shirt.
I first pick one that has pretty thin material, and that way I decide what sweater I can wear on top of it. And if it isn’t enough, then I wear a blazer on top of it.
And for accessories, I’ll wear a watch that would suit best for the look I’m going for.
In this case, this stunning gold watch. And I also add some jewelry, by layering necklaces.
So that is the look! How I stay warm and still look stylish, in the cold winter days.






White shirt: H&M
Camel knitted sweater: H&M (bought years ago, still so comfy to wear)
Jeans: ZARA
Blazer: H&M




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