Ideal of Sweden x Black Marble

I’m so happy to be a brand ambassador of Ideal Of Sweden!
Ideal Of Sweden, is a Swedish phone and tech company, where they sell a whole variety of phone cases, phone wallets and more other phone accessories. Their cases are so stunning! Go check them out:

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of phone cases. I love them, I love to collect them, and most of all I love to style them with my outfits.
Since I became a brand ambassador, I got this beautiful, stunning black marble phone case! You also know, that I’m a big fan of marble. And I’ve always wanted to have a black one, because I already own a white one.

This black marbled, Ideal Of Sweden, phone case is the perfect one! It’s so stunning, amazing quality and it’s just so beautiful! I love that it’s all marbled, and the Ideal Of Sweden logo is in gold. That’s literally my favorite color scheme.

IMG_0952 kopie



You can get your favorite case on AND get 15% off discount, on a case of your choice! How amazing is that?! You’re welcome! Use this discount code: IDEALXSAIDA, to get the 15% discount on your order! Happy shopping!

I’m so happy with mine, and I’m looking forward to get more! They have such gorgeous designs, that you can style with your look, your mood, or whatever you’d like!

Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you, in my next blogpost!

Thank you loves, Saida



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