How I Stay Warm In The Cold Winter Days

Winter is here, and it will be here for three more months (I realized that two days ago). When my head is already thinking about the spring and summer season…

This time I wanted to share my favorite looks that I love to wear this cold season, and how I stay warm. I love to layer my outfits, it’s my favorite way to keep myself warm. And to stay stylish with awesome pieces, that I own in my closet. I like to play around, by adding some accessories/jewelry. Now, let’s get on to it!

1- The first look is pretty simple: a black shirt, with a knitted sweater. I love to wear this look, whenever I go to school/work. Or just when I’m running errands. It keeps me warm, and it’s easy to throw on. There are many different ways to style it. But here I’m wearing a black shirt, underneath a beige knitted sweater. It’s incredibly comfortable and cozy to wear.



2- I love it, when I layer, to wear a blazer on top of it. It makes it all extra warm! It also kind of finishes the look, and I added my favorite golden necklace. It’s basically kind of like an “all black” look, but I added the light beige, knitted sweater on top. I like to wear this look all the time. Especially when it’s freezing outside, and I have to go to school/work.



3- This look is kind of like the first one. Here I’m wearing a white shirt, and a black sweater on top of it. And I added some layered necklaces (my favorite way to add jewelry to my look). And I’m wearing it with a pair of black jeans. The sweater itself, has a pretty thick material, which makes it sooo comfy! This is such a “school” outfit. You can also just wear it, wherever you want to.



4- And last one is, this incredibly comfortable, layered outfit. That I love to wear to school/work. Or if I go, and have lunch with friends. The sweater is so comfortable and soft. And adding the blazer on top of it, makes it complete! I added some necklaces, and my favorite golden watch. To make it all, go perfect together. And to spice things up, I added the plaid blazer on top.




So that was it for this blogpost. I hope you all liked this, and make sure to give it a “like”.
What’s your favorite way to keep yourself warm during these cold winter days? Would love to know!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve changed my blog lay out. I’m so happy with it. It’s so much better, and I was so excited to change it all up!

Thank you all loves, Saida


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