December Favorites – 2017

It’s almost time for the new year! How crazy?! I remember new year’s day, of 2017 like it was yesterday.

December has been a great month, of working hard, and just a fun month. I just wanted to show my latest monthly favorites, of the year of 2017.
I’ve been working on my blog change lately, as there are going to be some changes in the new year. So, I’m very excited about that! Now let’s hop on to the favorites!

I’ve posted about this before, but I’ve been loving this white tee so much. I’ve been loving graphic tees a lot, and this one is perfect for me. It says “DARLIN'” on it, and I got this one, on sale from NA-KD Fashion. They have such pretty collections, and amazing staple pieces.



Knitted sweaters, were all I’ve been loving/wearing this month. They’re so comfy and cozy. I love this beige sweater that I got from H&M. It’s so warm and I love to layer my outfits when I’m wearing this sweater.

And I’ve also been loving these plaid leggings, from Zara. They’re also really comfortable to wear. I’ve been wearing these with the beige sweater and some black boots.






I’ve been loving to wear jewelry a lot lately, and in different styles.



And for the last part, my music favorites! I’ve been loving G-Eazy’s new album “The Beautiful & Damned”. I have always loved his music, and I went to his concert back in 2016, which was so amazing!
And I also made a Winter ’17/’18 playlist on Spotify. So go check it out!


So that was it for this month’s favorites! I’m sad the year is over, but I’m very excited for the new year!

There are going to be some changes on the blog, as the lay-out as well, as the main topics I’m going to talk about.
I decided to cut off the monthly favorites. Mostly because I sometimes don’t have much to show. And I’d rather post something that has much content instead of just little. I hope you all can understand, what I’m trying to say.
There are going to be a lot more new things coming up. As I’m trying to do many different things, that I’m already working on. And I’m very excited for you guys to see!

See you in the new year!

Thank you loves, Saida.


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