November Favorites – 2017

Can’t believe that the end of 2017 is near..! How is it December already? Time goes by way too fast.
Here’s to another monthly favorites, of November! It’s been a crazy/great month of school, work, and a lot more.
Now let’s hop on to the favorites!

I’ve been loving sweaters a lot lately! Especially because of the cold weather, here in the Netherlands. This beige H&M sweater is everything to me! It’s incredibly comfortable and the fabric is super soft! I also have it in grey, and thought having a beige one would complete my closet. And also the chance to choose which color I want to wear.
I’ve also been looking for the perfect black bag, that I can wear and carry my notebooks and macbook in. And I found one on sale at Mango. They have such amazing things on sale, so I’d definitely check it out!



To find the perfect pair of blue denim jeans, can be quite hard for me as I’m short (5’4 = 162 cm). Especially high waisted ones, because I prefer to wear those ones. Mostly because they’re really comfortable. And I’m so happy to say that I finally found an amazing pair of high waisted denim jeans, at H&M. I got them on the Black Friday sale. These are amazing and so comfortable. And the fit is just really incredible!



As I’ve posted a blogpost before about my jewelry obsession, I’ve been loving necklaces and rings. Especially necklaces and layering them.



And saving the best for last…This amazing Ideal Of Sweden, black marble phone case! It’s so amazing and I love the quality of it! I’ve been wanting to have a black marble phone case for so long and I’m so happy to own one now. It’s honestly the most perfect phone case I’ve ever owned. I love the texture of the print and the quality is amazing!

I’m happy to say I’m an ambassador of Ideal Of Sweden and their amazing collection.
I’m obsessed with their phone cases and they have tons and tons of different phone cases and prints, that you can choose from. And they also have wallet cases, screen protections, and more!
Also, I have an amazing discount code for you guys that you can use, on a case of your choice. You can use the code “IDEALXSAIDA” to get 15% off, on




I haven’t done music favorites in a while, so I thought I’d share my favorite album of the month. This time it’s Taylor Swift’s album “Reputation”. It’s so amazing and I literally love every song! It’s so good and these are such “bops”! My favorites are “End Game”, “Delicate”, “Gorgeous”, “King Of My Heart” and “Call It What You Want”. I know, that’s a lot! I think I’ve been listening to this album on a repeat. It’s just so good!
Have a listen, with this playlist down below!



So that was it for November’s favorites. I hope you guys liked it!
If you have any blogposts suggestions, feel free to comment them down below!

Thank you loves, Saida


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