My Jewelry Obsession

I’ve been loving accessorizing my look lately, with jewelry and watches. Watches have always been my favorite, but jewelry is totally new for me.
It has never been something I actually wanted to try out. But now I love to try out new things, when it comes to fashion and accessories.

When it comes to fashion and accessories inspo, I love Aimee Song (aka Songofstyle), her style is everything. I absolutely love how she accessorizes her look by adding a lot of jewelry, by layering. And she also really loves earrings, and rings.
I can tell, that because of her, I’ve been such a fan of jewelry. And especially layering necklaces (it’s my favorite atm!). Trying out different styles, and sizes. It’s so much fun!
And I’ve also realized that I’m more of a gold-person than silver. Gold is what I prefer, and think that definitely suits my style!

And now I wanted to show you guys my favorite jewelry that I have so far. It’s just a little collection, that I really love. I love necklaces, and now I’m trying out to wear rings. It’s totally new for me, but I am obsessed with these simple and minimalistic rings.







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