5x Staple Pieces For The Fall/Winter

There are many trendy items going on right now. But I’ve figured that some are such staple pieces, that are perfect for the fall/winter season. Definitely fashionable and some of them are my favorite pieces that I, myself also actually own.

These are 5x staple pieces that I think are awesome to have this fall/winter season. It’s perfect for the cold weather, if you still want to look fashionable, and still want to rock your outfit.

  1. A coat is obviously something that you need for the cold weather. These days, there are so many different options with coats. Whether they have different colors or actually patterns, or different materials, they’re everywhere. If you go to an H&M store, or a Zara store, you can find multiple choices. The style you like, to silhouette you love, just go for it! A coat completes your look and it’s also the first thing that people see when you meet them, (outside actually) so it definitely says a lot about you and the way you dress. You want to leave a good impression!



2. Plaid has been a trend last year, but this year it got back and has been better than ever! So many plaid items, from blazers, to coats, to trousers, and the list goes on and on.
A plaid blazer is definitely a staple piece, and such a musthave item for this season!
You can go for a suit, by getting a plaid jeans or trousers to go with the blazer. It’s what I’ve done before and I’ve been loving it since! An absolutely great item to have!



3. The belt trend has gotten bigger, since Gucci came out with their famous belts. There are many different other belts too, that are so amazing to style!
I’ve seen people/bloggers wear them in different ways, and it’s so fun to see how you can wear a belt. Even with a blazer, and it looks so stylish. I think a great belt is such a staple piece for this season, because you can wear it in different ways. And it’s fun to play with different styles.




4. Turtlenecks are incredibly comfy and amazing to style! It’s so nice for the cold weather, and there are many different options to wear it.
I love layering, so I like to wear either a blazer over it and some jewelry. And it just finishes the look. So a turtleneck is such a staple piece for the fall/winter season.



5. Track suits have been everywhere. But let’s talk about the wide pants for now. I’ve seen those a couple times so far. Especially the ones with the buttons on the side.
They’re easy to wear, and fun to style. I believe they’re also really comfortable to wear, and incredibly stylish. So you can never go wrong with wide buttoned pants.
I’ve seen many styles, and I love them all!



So those are the staple pieces for the fall/winter season of 2017. I hope you all liked this post. I would love to know what piece your favorite is!
Thank you so much for reading.

Thank you loves, Saida

*All pictures are found on Pinterest. All credits go to the owners.

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