3x Ways To Add Yellow Into Your Interior

Yellow has been such a trend color this season. As well as in fashion and interior.
I think that yellow is such a fun color to play with. Especially when you kind of have a minimalistic style (like me), and you just want to add a little color to your interior.
Yellow can go really well together with obviously black and white.
But also emerald green. Especially when it’s velvet, then the two go so awesome and gorgeous together. And so I’ve made a little collection, of the 3x ways, on how you can add yellow into your interior. If you need more color in your life or just love to live colorful, then definitely give it a look!

First is pillows. Really simple but really cute, and it’s kind of like accessorizing your interior. And give it more accents. Pillows are a fun way to play with your interior and home decor. Because you can decide to go for simple colors, with a different material (in this case it’s velvet), or for a fun and nice print. And you can add as much as you want, and if you like to play around, you can also go with another color, like emerald green.
It gives that little extra, that finishes the look. And you can also place a blanket/plaid that makes your place more cozy.





Going for a colorful couch, is pretty challenging and exciting. You’re adding more color to your place, and it’s such a fun way to accessorize it. There are many different shades of yellow, and it’s pretty awesome if you find the perfect shade for your place and your style. It’s definitely amazing if you go for accessories that go together with your couch, like your pillows, as if they belong together. Also playing with colors and prints can make your couch so gorgeous. I think it’s such a nice and fun way to go for a yellow velvet couch. The color and material really go well together, especially when pillows are placed, that finish the look.




Now we have the chairs. I have seen so many different fun and gorgeous dining table chairs. And also chairs that you can basically just place next to your couch. It’s such a nice and fun way to accessorize your interior, by adding instead of one but multiple colorful chairs. You can go for colorful chairs for the dining table or just simple in the living room.
And like I said before, velvet yellow and emerald green go SO well together.
I think that these are such amazing options to add more color into your interior.



I hope you all liked this post. Would love to know what you guys think of the yellow trend! And if you found this helpful. Also, which one is your favorite? Mine, is the yellow velvet couch, and the emerald green couch with the yellow chairs. So gorgeous!

Thank you loves, Saida

Source: All pictures are from Pinterest.

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