Skincare Haul + Reviews

If there is one thing in beauty that I love and think is so important, then it’s skincare.
It’s incredibly important to take care of your skin and to treat it well. Food also has a big impact on your skin as well. Which means, that you actually have to think about what it does to your skin, before you take it in.

Now, I’ve talked about skincare before. But I just wanted to do an update about the products I’m using right now at the moment. What has helped my skin a lot, and how good these products have been to my skin.

Mario Badescu is my favorite of all time! I’ve used the drying lotion, the rose water facial spray, and recently the cucumber facial spray.
The drying lotion, is everything. You apply it on your blemishes on your face, and let it dry overnight. Now, it doesn’t mean it will be gone, by the next morning (which I feel like some people think). But it dries it out, and you just have to apply for like two to three days, and then it will be gone. This is how my experience has been.
It is definitely the best thing ever.

The facial sprays, rose water and cucumber have also been a lifesaver to me. I like to spray it on my face for a refreshing feeling. Or when I just exfoliated and cleaned my skin. It’s so refreshing, and I think that they both are good for any skin type.


You’ve probably seen & Other Stories products somewhere on a blogger’s instagram page, probably because the packaging looks so aesthetically pleasing and so cute.
I went for a “little” shopping spree at & Other Stories, and decided to get the hand cream that everyone talks about. And also this beautiful/delicious scented Body Lotion.
The hand cream, is so good! Not gonna lie, it has such a pretty nice smell, and it also really makes my hands smooth. I’ve always struggled with dry skin on my hands, especially in winter times. And I think that this will definitely help my hands skin.

I actually don’t know why, but I have never really owned a body lotion. I’ve tried some of other brands the past couple years, but it never really has been stuck to my head that I needed to do this everyday. And some of them weren’t that good for my skin, like I would feel so itchy and it would make my skin go red.
I am so focused on the skin on my face, that I forget about my body. Does that make any sense? Hmm, I don’t know… Am I the only one? Hmm… probably.
I tried the & Other Stories body lotion, and it’s really amazing actually. It’s makes my skin so soft and it just smells so nice. I haven’t experienced anything bad, so I think that’s definitely a good sign. And I probably will get a new one, when I’m finished with my first bottle. It’s definitely important to make your skin feel hydrated. And also well treated, as for your face, and body.

I’ve talked about Freeman’s skincare line before, especially their masks. They’re my favorite, I have tons and tons of them. I recently got this mud mask, that contains of Charcoal and Black Sugar. This mask is awesome as well! It really takes of all the dirt and leaves my skin so smoothly. Freeman masks are my favorite!

When I went to the drugstore, I saw that they had the Simple skincare line. It’s new here in the Netherlands, and I was pretty excited. Because I have heard so many great things about this brand and their skincare line.
I really needed a new moisturizer, because I’ve been trying some and they weren’t that good. Mostly because I would get acne, in times I didn’t even eat dairy**, and my skin would sometimes feel so itchy.
Until I tried out the Simple hydrating light moisturizer, that you can use in the morning and at night time, (which is what I do every day).
This has been the best moisturizer ever that has been so good for my skin! I love it so much, words cannot even describe how I feel about it. It is the best thing that could ever happen to me. My skin feels so soft, I haven’t had any blemishes.
And it helps my skin a lot, and hydrates it. I apply it to my face and neck (don’t forget about your neck people!). After I’ve cleaned, rinsed, exfoliated my skin. I just feel so clean, and it’s all so refreshing.

Facial washes, exfoliators, and all that, really are things that I find so important.
First, because it does clean your face. Second, when you’ve taken off your make up, you’re literally cleaning your face, so that nothing will be left over. Which means, that you will have a pretty nice and smooth skin, that is so incredibly clean!
I’ve recently been using this moisturizing facial wash. You just bring a little on your hands and basically moisturize your face, by massaging it. And then you rinse it off with water.
This has definitely been a lifesaver to me, because my skin has changed, in a super positive way. It makes my skin so smooth, and shiny and clean. Best thing ever!

So that was it for this haul + review of these products. I really hope you guys enjoyed it, and are maybe thinking of getting these too. These are my honest opinions, and I would definitely recommend these if you’re struggling with acne, or just really dry skin.

I hope you all liked it! And if you want to see more of this, make sure to like this post and also by leaving a comment down below.

Thank you so much, Saida

* Not a sponsored post. These are all my honest opinions.
** I like to eat dairy free, because I think it’s good for my health and skin. I’m not completely vegan, but I do eat mostly vegan food.


4 thoughts on “Skincare Haul + Reviews

  1. I love Mario Badescu products, they really are life savers. The drying lotion is my favorite go to spot treatment. And i didn’t know &other stories had beauty products- I will be heading into my nearest one to check them out!

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