Suit – up!

Suits are classic and a style you can never go wrong with! So far, there are so many different types of suits, in all colors and different patterns.
They’re my favorites! I, myself own three suits, a black one, a plaid one, and a striped one. And I really want to have a red and a pink suit!

There are so many different styles, you can try out. It’s always fun to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. (Which is the kinda phase I’m going in right now).
I’ve seen so many pretty suits, I think they’re amazing!
If you want to dress up and look classy, you can go with nice and neutral colors. But if you want to stand out, then you can go for bold colors. And if you want to go for a funky and pretty fun styles, then you should definitely go for a nice patterned suit!
I collected some of my favorites that I have seen on bloggers, street style fashion and many more! If you need some inspo, then check it all out! You’ll love them all!

I’d also love to know which one is your favorite!















*All pictures are from Pinterest. Credits go to the owners.


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