Fall Wardrobe Essentials

The fall season series continues! This time I’m talking fashion.
I wanted to share my fall essentials, that I love so much and think are such musthave pieces that your wardrobe needs for this season. These are simple basics and also trend pieces that are everything. And they’re perfect for the cold weather and super stylish items!
So let’s have a little look inside my closet.



Shirts are important and super cool to style with. Whether they’re black, white or any other color that you prefer, they’re all awesome. If you want a casual or classic look, try and style it with a blazer.
Blazers of your choice of colors/prints, especially plaid print is amazing for the fall season. They are all amazing to style in different ways. Layering is the best way to do it!


In my previous post, I talked about sweaters in Sweater Weather. They are such a staple piece. It’s definitely something that your closet needs for this season. Knitted, jersey, they’re all amazing and so comfortable to wear!



Shoes are so important to finish off your outfit! They can add so much detail and give an amazing look to your outfit. Shoes complete your outfit.
What you’ll definitely need is a pair of white shoes and black boots. I also love my beige converse shoes.



So I hope you guys liked it! Would love to know what your favorite thing is about this post. And if you want to see more of this on the blog, make sure to like it and comment down below.

Thank you loves, Saida




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