Sweater Weather

If you would ask me what my favorite clothing piece is, I would definitely say sweaters. Sweaters are my favorite and I love that it’s sweater weather! I wear them all around the year, but I love to wear different sweaters and they’re a good “go-to” clothing item to wear.

Whenever I don’t really know what to wear, I always go for a sweater, whether it’s jersey, knitted or anything else. I just love them, because they’re so incredibly comfortable to wear and so easy to style.


Here are four of my favorite sweaters that I got for this season, and I love to keep the colors neutral and the sweaters pretty minimal.

This beige sweater is everything. I love the color, and the knitted material. It’s perfect for when you don’t know what to wear but want to look stylish, so the color finishes the look! And I wore it with a pair of leather jeans.

Sweater weather1


This grey knitted sweater has a pretty edgy look to it, because of the knitted detailing it has on the corner seam. It has such a cool effect. I actually really like it, because it can make your look so outstanding.



Black is my favorite. I love everything black, so this sweater is definitely my favorite. I love to wear it with a pair of denim jeans or just black jeans, and to finish the look, with white sneakers.



And the last one is this grey one. I’ve been looking for a sweater like this for so long, and I’m happy I found it. It’s so comfortable, and so easy to style! I love to wear some of my gold jewelry, so that the look has a little more details, to keep it minimal.



So those were my favorite sweaters for this season! I hope you guys liked it. Do you have a favorite? Would love to know!

Thank you loves, Saida


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