Vogue Fashion Festival 2017

Last week, Saturday 7 October, I went to the Vogue Fashion Festival. It was held in the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. Such a beautiful hotel, with marble floors and amazing, gorgeous rooms! This was the first time I’ve been in the Amstel Hotel.


The Vogue Fashion Festival was such an amazing experience! This was the first time it was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Everything looked so beautiful, and so stunning! There were seminars and masterclasses. It lasted a whole day, from 9 am to 7 pm.


I went to the entry to get my wristband and I got two coins (one for a drink and the other one was for the goodie bag). And I also got a Vogue notepad and pencil. So cute!
The first thing I had, was a masterclass. It was a “speeddate” with the editors of Vogue. There were multiple tables with people and every 10 minutes, the editors would change table.
It was so much fun, I learned a lot and it was so helpful! We got to know the editors better and the function that they work in. Like, Fashion Editor, Shopping Editor, Branding Manager and more. It was so nice to meet them and also to know the function that they work in better. And to also know how a normal work day looks like. It’s seems like a dream to me, to work for a Vogue magazine. I’d love to be a fashion editor.


The second seminar I went to was from the blogger and influencer Negin Mirsalehi, where she talked about her career and how she managed to use Instagram.
The room it was held, was insanely beautiful! And it was of course packed.




Negin was so nice and it was so amazing to hear the full story, from when and why she started on Instagram. And also the story of her own hair line Gisou.
Aferwards, I got to actually meet her. We took pics and had a tiny conversation (because other people wanted a pic too). It was crowded! She was so sweet and I told her how amazing it is to see how much she has accomplished, because I’ve been following her since 2013/2014. She looked so happy and it was so much fun. I also got a pic with Maurits Stibbe (her boyfriend), and we had a little conversation too, about the work and the vlogs. It was absolutely amazing!
She also posted a vlog on her Youtube channel about this day, and I was in it (omg), which is pretty funny but also pretty cool.


After Negin’s seminar, I went to the Street Style Photography seminar, with the Peter Stigter photographers. It was awesome to see their work and hear about the things they’ve been through to get awesome shots of people on the streets, celebrities, influencers at fashion shows, etc, etc. It was really amazing to hear their stories about how their normal day looks like, and sometimes what they have to go through to get an awesome shot. And also to know their favorite places to go to.
I heard that in Amsterdam it’s the “Negen Straatjes” where they see awesome fashion outfits that they love to shoot.

I had a little break after the photography seminar. They served sandwiches, desserts and other sweet things at the Vogue Café. I enjoyed every minute in the beautiful environment, I sat down and had tea, I drank out of such a cute cup.


I also got my hair done at the Rob Peetom & Kérastase hair workshop. I was so obsessed with the result. I’m still in love with the look when I look back at pics. I felt like Aimee Song, with the hairstyle and the suit. I felt good!


You could do your hair at the Rob Peetom & Kérastase hair workshop, your nails at Essie and your make up touches by MAC Cosmetics.



And later I went to the Styling Clinics by Bijenkorf, with stylist Nicole Huisman. It was so much fun and I learned a lot. Nicole showed us how you could style colors in the winter and how to play with colors, no matter what your style is. It was also pretty funny to hear and I also realized that this is the first fall/winter season that colors are so in right now. It was such an amazing seminar!


And that was the last seminar I went to. It was so much fun, and I met so many amazing and inspiring people! I met Negin Mirsalehi, her boyfriend Maurits Stibbe, Nicole Huisman, Karin Swerink (editor in chief of Vogue), model Marjan Jonkman and many others. I think I also stumbled upon one of the Dsquared2 designers twins. I’m so sure it was one of them!

It was a blast, I had so much fun (and I will never forget that dessert I had at the Vogue Café, it was so good!). I got to meet many inspiring people in one place, and it was just so awesome! I got a goodie bag filled with two Vogue magazines, a Vogue book (Summer edition), a Vivienne Westwood book, a striped Vogue top, and more.
And that was the end of the day!


I hope you all enjoyed this post. And if I ever will get the confidence to vlog, I will definitely do that next year when I’ll go.

Thank you loves, Saida


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