My Plaid Fashion Obsession

The “plaid” print is back and better than ever! I love that there are so many pieces out there with the print and it’s honestly amazing! I’ve been having a slight obsession with plaid and dogtooth print. And I love that there are different styles.


Plaid has been my favorite lately and I’m so in love with plaid fashion. I already have a plaid coat (that I got last year), it’s so comfortable to wear and it’s perfect for the fall season.
I recently did some shopping and got myself a plaid suit. I’ve been dying to get myself one, because it just looks so awesome! Although the blazer and the pants don’t have the exact same pattern, I think it’s so nice to mix and match.


Both the blazer, and the pants are from the new collection from H&M. It’s been my favorite and I honestly think that this will never go out of style.


You can wear it in different ways, and with different tops.
Here, I’m wearing it just really simple with a black top and I finished the look with my favorite leather boots, from NA-KD Fashion.


These are the pretty details from the look. This is honestly the best look I’ve ever worn so far! I love it all!


I would love to know what you guys think of this look. And also, what do you guys think of the plaid print? Do you like it, any plaid pieces that you own? Would love to know!

Thank you loves, Saida


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