How I changed my room into Fall – Minimal

Summer is over, Fall is here, and I love it all! Fall is my favorite season! Mostly because I can wear sweaters all the time, snuggle up in bed with tea and cookies, my favorite tv shows are starting to air again, Halloween, fall room decor, fall fashion and many more reasons!

I’ve changed my room decor, for the fall season. It’s so funny to see how it went from cold colors to a really nice warm atmosphere in my room. I have a lot of beige, brown, and also some pop of colors like orange and red going on right now.
I like to keep my room pretty minimal, but I thought it would be fun to give my room a little more color for the fall season.

Fall means orange and red. Now, I’m not a big fan of throwing colors all over the place, but I love to make the little details finish the look with color. And I love to keep things neutral. I changed the images on the grid mesh wall, for the fall. I literally found all of these amazing images in magazines I went through. It’s kind of like a moodboard.
And I also added a red flower.


And next to it I placed this beautiful image, that is so warming.


I love pillow cases, and I’ve been looking for a pretty beige velvet case. And I’m so happy that I found one at H&M Home. They have the best velvet pillow cases, in different colors. I got beige, because it’s totally my color and it’s so pretty! But I’m thinking of adding another one too.



I recently also posted a DIY on this vase (that was actually a bottle). I totally love how it looks like right now. I placed a candle next to it, and some marble coasters, where I can put my mugs on.


And this is how the other little vase looks like and how I styled it, with the fake white berries plant. It’s so perfect for not only the fall but also winter. And I placed some candles, and my polaroid camera.



So that was it for this post! I hope you guys liked it and got some inspiration.

Thank you loves, Saida


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