The Moroccan Culture

Hi guys! So this time I wanted to do something totally different and wanted to talk about me and my background. I’m Saida, and I was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. But I’m originally from Morocco, where my parents come from. So yeah, I’m a Moroccan girl, but I was born in the Netherlands.
I’m definitely a proud Moroccan and I love to see how there are so much trends inspired by the Moroccan culture (which is what I want to talk about in this post).


Morocco is in the North of Africa, and also known of the famous places like Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat.
What I mostly love about the place where I come from (which is in the south), is the nature. Whenever I go there to my family, I always really enjoy the nature. There’s always fresh fruits growing on trees, like apples, peers, apricots, berries, figs and more. Figs are well known as the favorite fruit everyone loves to eat, at our place. Also nuts like walnuts and almonds grow on trees. And there is also not much traffic so it’s really nice to like chill and hang out there and be out of the city. What I also like to do is just put my phone away for some time (there was a time that I didn’t even have internet for two weeks and it felt so good!)


What’s so well known about the Moroccan culture, is definitely the Argan oil. Argan oil comes from the Argan tree that is endemic to Morocco. It is used in different ways, like for food to dip with bread, also in couscous (also a well known Moroccan dish), and for the skin and hair.


Morocco is also well known about the tajines, the mint tea (aka Atay), colorful houses/places and its nature.

This is a blue place, in Chefchaouen, in Morocco. The whole street is blue.


The textiles and carpets are always so colorful. And they’re all really soft. The patterns are sometimes mixed. I know that Shay Mitchell (who did a travel video on Marrakech), is obsessed with the carpets! She did buy some actually, and could not get enough of it.


And these are the Moroccan tradition embellished dresses, that are mostly worn at weddings.

The hotels (some also known as Riad) are most loved by Instagrammers. Mostly because of the architecture, the interior and the colors. These are placed in Marrakech.

The La Mamounia hotel is best known of the hallway and the spa pool.


So that was it for the Moroccan culture post. I hope you all liked it and got to know it more better.
I definitely want to make a travel blogpost the next time I go back to my home town, and show you guys the beautiful nature and everything.

Thank you loves, Saida.

* All pictures are from Pinterest. All credits go to the owners.


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