F L O R E N C E – I T A L Y

In August, I went on a trip to Italy for a weekend (that I got as a birthday present from my sister, thank you!) We went to Florence, and it was so, so beautiful! The night we arrived we had pizza (that was so amazing and delicious) it was at this 24-hour open restaurant, so we got lucky with that amazing pizza.
I took so many pictures on this trip, I most definitely looked like a typical tourist with my camera that I had with me all the time. I went with my sister, and some friends. I also planned to make a travel video, which will be up soon as I’m working on it right now!
The video will of course be on Youtube, on my channel (my first video ever!) So make sure to subscribe, link is here. I’m so excited for you guys to see it! It will be up realllyy soon! So don’t forget to keep an eye out on my channel.
Now let’s hop on to my trip and the awesome photos!


We went to the Mall, where there were all these fancy designer brands with discounts on their clothing and everything that they own. The weather was so nice! To get to the Mall, we had to take the bus and it took like an hour or so. It was so beautiful on our way to the Mall. There were all these beautiful mountains, and the nature was so stunning!



The minute we arrived at the Mall, we went to Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga and other more stores. It was all so beautiful, I loved the architecture and how pretty nice everything looked. Gucci even had its own Cafe. So if anyone feels like to have a Gucci coffee, you might have to go there.






I even found this amazing marble wall! You guys, I was so happy that I found one to get awesome pictures at! So my sister and her friend decided to take a photoshoot at this wall (shoutout to Moncler for this amazing wall! Love you!) and we took some awesome shots at this wall. It was so much fun!



The view from the Moncler store was really amazing too, I took a lot of photos and even filmed good shots! (Travel video coming soon!)



La Perla also had this amazing terrace, where you could just chill and lay back. It was so nice and clean!


After a long day at the Mall, we ate at this place called Dot.com, they had different things like salads, pizzas, pasta, gelato (ice cream) and more. I had a salad and of course gelato! It was so good!


And later after the Mall, we went back to the hotel and then went outside to explore the beautiful centre and places. Our hotel was luckily in the centre of the city, so it took like 5 to 10 minutes to get to the city and all the stores and restaurants. There was this city square called Piazza della Repubblicca, where we went all the time. It was full of stunning restaurants, where we had breakfast and lunch. And also at night time, we drank something at this such a nice place, where there was live music playing. The atmosphere was so nice and chill. I had a great laugh, and it was all so much fun!



We also went to the other city square called Piazza del Duomo, where there were more stunning historical buildings and churches.


We also went to visit a bridge where it was pretty crowded with people taking pictures (the sun was about to set). I also of course took some awesome shots! The buildings and the houses were so awesome to see! It was so beautiful!




And this was the street our hotel was centered. I fell in love every time I walked through this street. Just so pretty!


And on the last day, we went to explore again, and had pasta and gelato. The gelato (ice cream) was so amazing! My cone was dripped in chocolate with hazelnut pieces, and filled with strawberry and hazelnut flavored ice cream. I don’t want to exaggerate, but it was THE BEST thing I have ever had in my entire life! I’m seriously not kidding, it was so good! It was melting at first (my left hand was almost fully covered in chocolate), but I got control of everything, but I have to say that, the gelato was so incredible!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


All the streets were really pretty! I’m so in love with the Italian streets. I took some awesome shots (for the video too)!



And that was my trip to Florence, Italy! The most fun trip I have had so far! I definitely want to go back and visit Rome, Venice and Milan!
Florence is such a pretty place, beautiful streets, and there’s a great atmosphere! Great for shopping too and definitely a touristy city!
Until next time Italy!❤️🇮🇹

Florence, Italy from above, as the sun sets. (Literally, no filter used here!) So beautiful!

I hope you all liked this blogpost, as much as I enjoyed this trip!

Thank you loves, Saida.


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