Fashion Haul – Summer 2017

I have never done a haul before, so I finally decided to do one. I did a little (online) shopping here and there. It’s not much, but I really wanted to show you guys what I got recently. These are all perfect for the summer and some also for the Fall (can’t believe I’m already thinking of it).
I bought some things at H&M, and also I’ve ordered on that site before, and decided to go for it again, so it was my second time ordering on that site. They have such good stuff, for a good price!
So let’s hop on to it!


This cute little black bag is the best thing ever. It’s suede on one side and on the other side it’s leather. I love the strap! The colors are so pretty and I think it has such a nice and urban look to it. And I love to wear it when I have to go somewhere, but I literally only need my phone and wallet. So I can easily put it in, and I’m done. I think it’s so nice and the colors are also so perfect for the fall. I also really love the gold details it has.


I’ve always wanted to have a buckle belt, but never really thought of outfits I could wear it with. Now I got myself one, because I have tons of ideas on how to wear it with. It’s so nice!


I finally got myself one of those black loafers. These ones are so nice and comfortable to wear. I think it’s pretty for the summer and also fall. They’re suede and I think that these are so cute! I can wear them with everything because they’re black. For shoes/sandals I always go with either black or white, because you can easily style them with everything.


These sandals are so cute and they’re so perfect for the summer! I’m going to Florence, Italy soon, and thought that these were so cute to wear! You can wear these with either a pair of jeans or a cute dress.


SHEIN has the cutest stuff ever! From fashion to cute accessories, they all have it!
I’m having a slight obsession with plants, leafs, you can name it all. I love greenery so much! There was one thing missing in my life and that was a iPhone case. And I finally got myself one! I think it’s so cute, I love the material! It’s definitely one of my favorite cases I have so far!

I also got myself one of these white sunglasses. It has a nice retro style, and I just got these for fun. I think that they’re a knock off from Acne Studios. I think I’d wear it with a nice pair of vintage denim jeans, and a white t-shirt. But you can wear it with any style that you’d like!


Okay for anyone that doesn’t know what show “Friends” is, you can’t wear this t-shirt and I can’t be friends with you. No, just kidding! But I had to get a t-shirt with the logo of one of my favorite tv-shows ever!

I love Friends so much, my sister is also addicted to it! She still watches it almost everyday! My favorite characters are Phoebe and Ross. Joey is also really funny too! They’re seriously the funniest!

This scarf is so pretty and cute! It’s a pretty beige/old pink color with a print on it. The material is satin and so soft. I love to wear it around my neck and tie a knot so that it looks really cute!

So that was it for this haul! I hope you all liked it!

Thank you so much!

Love, Saida



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