How To: Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to fill up your empty walls in your apartment, house or even bedroom. I’ve seen so many different ones. People like to hang up photos, prints, quotes and so much more! I also really love how it all goes so well and how frames are being combined so perfectly.

If you want to start a gallery wall, but are not sure how to style it then keep on reading. Whether you want to use different frames and are thinking about if you’re not going to use a big amount of photos on your wall, here I have a few samples I have found on Pinterest. There is so much to find on Pinterest, you can literally find everything you can think of! And if you don’t want to lose your favorites, then just simply make a board and pin them all to that board. I’m dying to get my own apartment, and I love interior so much that I made a Home Inspiration board. Here’s the link.
Here are a few of my favorites!

If you wanna go with black frames, here are a few looks to get more inspiration from.


Mixing color frames is also really fun to do too! Try black and white. Or black with wood.


Prints are also really amazing to have on your wall. It’s always really special if you made your own print, or you found a really amazing design that you want to hang up. This one if my favorite! I think it’s so nice, especially because of the grey texture. There’s not much contrast and I think that it makes the living room more faded and more light. And I love that it all goes really well together.
I love that there’s a neutral/white color palette going on in this picture. There’s a lot of white, but the grey makes it look so minimal with beige tints.


I hope you all got inspired by these amazing gallery walls. Want to see more of this? Make sure to give this post a like and don’t forget to comment down below what you want to see more of.

Thank you loves, Saida.

All pictures are from Pinterest. All credits go to the owners.


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