July Favorites – 2017

We’re halfway 2018! It feels like July has just been here for a second. July has been a good month of working hard (and a lot), so many birthdays (including mine) and just so much fun!
In this post there is a new category called “Food/Drinks”, so I hope you all like it, and let’s just hop on to the favorites!

For my birthday, I got these really awesome and so incredibly cute(!!) unicorn inspired make up brushes, from my sister. These are the most cutest and prettiest brushes I’ve ever seen and I have ever owned. They’re from a Dutch online shop, called “Boozyshop”. They have the best make up brushes!

The rose gold details are so amazing, and the brushes also come with a cute little pouch. I’m so obsessed with the look of the brushes.


So this one time, I went to the drugstore and got myself some new concealers and foundation because I was running out of them. I then decided to go in the back of the store because I would never go in the back, mostly because I was never interested in going back there. They have so much stuff, for beauty and also many other things. Well I of course went to the beauty section and found this amazing and handy mirror! I was so happy of the fact that I went in the back of the store, because this mirror is honestly a lifesaver! It’s foldable and it’s also amazing for traveling and other stuff. It’s honestly my best purchase so far! It was so inexpensive! It’s white and also really easy to bring with you on the go. It also doesn’t take so much space in your bag, which is a plus!



And for skincare, I absolutely love Freeman’s masks! They have the best masks, and they’re so good for my skin. I recently got the new Mud Mask, with charcoal and black sugar.

This mask has been so good to me. My skin has been feeling so soft and when washing my face after the mask, my skin feels so fresh and smooth. This mask is useful for people with just normal skin but also for people that have a combo skin, whether it’s oily or dry skin. 


I feel like I’ve been buying more gym clothing than normal clothing. I always like to wear something that makes me feel good and something that I feel comfortable in. Especially good work out gear.
I so suddenly happened to be on the H&M app, and went to the work out clothing section. I saw this amazing white/black with grey sports legging. I loved it so much, that I actually got it!
I honestly feel so good and confident since I’ve been going to the gym more often. I always feel so much better and stronger.

I tried to find the sports legging on the H&M website, but apparently it’s sold out. I did find a similar one, that they sell too! Here’s the link.

Drinks: Green smoothies are so good for you, and your health. I mostly like to make smoothies myself, but this time I tried this smoothie from Innocent. This one is antioxidant. There are a lot of vitamins in it, matcha, lime, wheatgrass, kiwi and flax seeds. I drank this after I hit the gym. It felt so refreshing and it tastes so good! So it’s definitely a good first impression.


Food: My favorite healthy snack is a rice cracker, spread with any nut butter that you could name (I like mine with either almond butter or mixed nut butter), topped with bananas, chia seeds and goji berries.
This is one of my favorite healthy snacks ever! I like to eat this when I have sweet tooth. Sometimes when I don’t have the time to make breakfast, I like to eat this as a quick go to, for when I’m on the go.
But when I eat it as lunch, I like to eat some fruits next to it. This time I ate grapefruit and banana slices. Those are my favorite fruits at the moment.


And I also cannot forget about my music favorites! I have always loved Selena Gomez and also her music. She has been doing so good lately with “Bad Liar” and “Fetish”. These are my favorite songs right now. They have such a good vibe to it and I can sing along to them every time I hear those songs.

And I have also been loving Calvin Harris’ new album Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 . It’s so funky and so good! I love all the songs, but my favorites are Rollin’, Slide and Cash Out.

I have added so many great and amazing songs to my Summer ’17 playlist. I add almost everyday, so check the playlist here down below! You can also find the link to my playlist on the sidebar on desktop or on mobile, it will be down below. Ready to jam? Check out the playlist!


I hope you all liked this post, if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them down below!

Thank you loves, Saida


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