Casual Day: Beige Blazer


A casual day, wearing a pair of denim jeans, black tee and a beige blazer. One of my favorite new styles, to wear this summer. Great for when it’s not hot and also not really cold. I love that I can easily take my blazer off, when it’s pretty warm out, but when it’s kind of breezy I like to keep it on.


The beige blazer is from Forever 21, that I actually have for a pretty while right now. I love this color, because it never goes out of style, and you can never go wrong with a pretty color like this.


I wore a pair of denim jeans and a black tee (from H&M), to go with it. You can either wear a black or a white t-shirt with this style. I wore this outfit when I went to work, and it’s such a nice cool and laid back look. I wore the tee and jeans first, and wanted to look a little formal, so I wore the blazer above it, and it turned out so good!


For little details, I wore a white with gold details watch, which is from Fjord Timepieces. And also my gold necklace, with my initial on it.

So that was my outfit of the day.
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Thank you!

Love, Saida.


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