Best Photo Editing Apps I Use

Hi guys! This time I wanted to talk about my favorite photo editing apps that I use a lot for my Instagram photos. I always get comments, about how great my feed looks like and how good and clean they are. So, I thought I would share some with you guys, maybe if you’ve wondered what every other person edits their pictures with.

I think probably everyone has heard of this app, that is VSCOcam. I love this app! It’s everything! It works with presets a.k.a. filters. I mostly use the HB1 and HB2 preset. And for black/whitephotos I of course use B1 and B2, but mostly the second one. But at this moment, right now I use the A6 preset.
What is really helpful with these filters, is that you can adjust them, so you can either have the whole filter, or you can just tone it down a little bit. Sometimes when I have black and white photos, I like to give it a little more contrast and tone down the brightness, or maybe a little more. It sometimes depends on what picture it is and how I want it to look like.

VSCOcam is a great tool to use for your Instagram feed, mostly because of the fact that it also has a grid view and with the new update, that it is white right now. By that, which means that it really does look like your Instagram feed. So you can actually see how it would look like on your feed, before posting the photo. I’ve been using this app, for probably over two years now, and all I can say is, that it’s the most amazing app I have ever used! You can edit basically all pictures with this app, whether it’s food, fashion or photography.

Next app is Snapseed. This app is really helpful, because it has many great tools in it that you can use on your photos, whether it’s a normal photo or for photography. I like to use this app, because I feel like this app does the finishing touches. It can make your photos look a little smoother or more structured. I always use the “Selective” tool, because with that tool you can adjust the brightness, contrast and/or saturation of your photo. You can click anywhere on the photo and make a part look more brighter, have more contrast to it or is more saturated. I also use the “Healing” tool, to remove random dots, etc. There are tons of great tools in it that are useful! Snapseed is a really great app! I would totally recommend it!

Airbrush is according to me (yup me), the free version of Facetune. I think it really is! This app is awesome, it has great tools! It has almost all the tools that FaceTune has.
If I’d have a picture with something white in it, and it kind of looks off white, and I want to make it more white, I always like to use the “Whitening” tool, which is actually supposed to be used for “teeth whitening”. But in this case, I whiten the stuff that I like to be more white, instead of off-white. And I of course, also like to use the smooth app to kind of make it look less harsh, or I use it to smoothen my skin a little bit. Always use the smooth tool a little bit, you don’t want to look like you photoshopped yourself too much. If you want to use it, you gotta use it good.

So these are my favorite photo editing apps! I hope you guys liked it and find this helpful! Or it could be that maybe some people already know these apps, which is awesome! Because these apps are really great tools to use for your photos whether it’s for Instagram or for something else.

I will also post a blogpost soon, where I will show you guys how I edit my pictures, from normal photo to edited photo.
I hope you all liked it and got inspired.

Much love!



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