Make Up Haul | Spring/Summer 2017

I have been eye-ing a lot of beauty products lately and I decided to treat myself with some new make up products. I love a good “all in one” make up palette, with a bronzer/contour powder, highlighter and blush. Because I think it’s so handy, for when you don’t feel like putting up so much and like to keep your make up pretty natural and simple. And also don’t want to use different palettes. Especially when traveling. Which is something that I really love! I like to keep my makeup pretty natural and minimal and a good palette can make me so happy. And so I recently got the “Sleek” Face palette, in Light. Because I have a pretty light skin. I love the colors, and I’m so in love with the blush! I think it’s such a nice peachy/pink color, with a little shimmer in it.

I’ve been looking for a good brush, that I can apply my foundation with. I have never used liquid foundation before, because I’ve been using a foundation stick. Which is so much better, because you can exactly know how much you use on your face, instead of putting too much, when you accidentally take out a lot.

The Precision Flat Contour brush is amazing for applying foundation and also contour your face, which is something I find really awesome. I also really love the look of the brush by the way. It’s so perfect white, and it has a rose gold look. I got this one from, that is a Dutch webshop, where they sell a lot of amazing make up. I absolutely love the look of their brushes.


When I saw this palette on the webshop, I HAD to get it! I fell in love with the colors, and the look of the palette. It comes with a mirror, and amazing colors. This is the Freedom Cosmetics, Pro Blush Palette, Bronze and Baked. Words cannot describe how obsessed I am with the colors.
I like to look at reviews before I order the products, and I saw amazing reviews and that the shades are really pigmented. And it’s true! This palette really is amazing and is also really good pigmented. I think it’s such a nice palette when you want to have a natural, pretty “nude” colored look, but also for a nice day out. You can create such a cute look with the pink, rose gold and nude colors.

I’m also in love with the black and rose gold brushes. They’re so amazing and work really great! I had to talk about them, in this post because they’re so awesome. I actually got them last year and they’re from They have such amazing stuff.

I love peachy/pink colors for blushes. Because they really suit my face and I’m also just really into the shades. I got this pretty blush, from Rimmel London. It’s such a nice and pretty color!

So this was my little make up haul! I hope you all liked it. And I would love to know what you guys think of it. Do you want more of this? Then don’t forget to like this and comment down below for more!

Love, Saida


Shop the favorites here:

Eye Brush Set

Freedom Pro Blush Palette Bronze and Baked



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