Follow me on Instagram! – @thatsosaida

Instagram is one of my favorite apps ever! I love to share moments in my life, my favorite things like fashion, interior and lifestyle. And I also absolutely love to find a lot of inspiration, by looking at other pages and follow amazing accounts, that inspire me.
If you’d ask me how much time I spend on Instagram, I’d probably say, all day. I literally get inspired so much, and there is this new feature that Instagram has, where you can save posts. And mine is full of posts from accounts that I have either found out about or I already follow, and I love their posts.

By looking at those posts, it also either motivates me to do more in life (cooking different meals, painting as in home decor and stuff, travel, etc.) or to be a better person everyday (to stay healthy, quotes that inspire me, etc.).

I mostly get inspiration for my posts from Instagram. If you like a minimal aesthetic and also a boho look, then take a look at my page! I sometimes like to change up my theme, by either going on warm tones or a little bit colder (like how I have it now, see photo). I absolutely love when my followers tell me that my feed looks so nice and clean, that I’m thinking of making a blogpost, all about how I edit my photos! Which I’m so excited to do, because I’d love to help people out and give advice/tips on how to have a aesthetically pleasing feed. And also what apps I use.


So check out my page here! And I would love and appreciate it, if you follow me. I post every single day! Sometimes I even post twice a day!
Thank you so much!

Love, Saida


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