How To: 4 Tips to Organize Your Closet 


Organizing your closet can be hard sometimes, but also easy. You just gotta know what you want and what you want to get rid of. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to know if you actually want something and if you’re sure that you will wear it. But end up not wearing it, so that one piece is still in your closet for another year.
Everyone has the same issue, including me.

I came up with these 5 questions, that I ask myself, if I still want to have that one item in my closet; do I like it? When am I going to wear it? How can I style it? Can I wear it in different ways? Can I wear it anytime?
And when I don’t have/know the answer (and it’s probably going to be negative), then I get rid of it. And to be really honest though, this has helped me a lot. (Asking myself those questions also helps me with shopping :’) lol).

At the beginning of this year, I started to be more minimal with my closet. I decided to finally take a look on what I had in my wardrobe and to see what had been in it for a long time that I didn’t even wear. And guys, I’ve been taking out “some” stuff out of my closet, and put them away. (Which was a lot!)
I recently also had a Spring Cleaning, and checked out all of my winter clothes and put in some spring clothing. And repeated the steps I did before. Same story, I had clothing I never wore and have been in my closet for a long time. I have always had this issue, where I would be like “oh but I like this! I’m going to wear it soon” or “I’m sure that I’m going to wear it, the time just needs to come”. Yeah… and that’s where it all starts. And then your closet is full of clothing you don’t even wear…

It took me some time to clean my closet. My style is quite minimal, so I have a lot of “blacks” and “whites” in my closet. I like to keep my style pretty minimal and  the colors neutral. Because that’s how I like it and what I love. And I’m happy that my closet is finally cleaned up 🙂 .

Now I want to share 4 tips with you guys, on how to organize your closet, that have helped me a lot!

1. Do you still like the items that are hanging in your closet? Check if there’s anything that you still really like.

2. Ask yourself; “When am I going to wear it? How can I style it? Can I wear it in different ways? Can I wear it anytime?”
Can’t come up with an answer? I think it’s better to get rid of it.

3. Quality over quantity. Always remember! It’s always better to have two, good quality shirts, instead of 10 that look the same and don’t have great quality. It could be that you wear 3 out of the 10 shirts that you own. (It’s time to get rid of those you don’t wear).

4. Know your style! Is it something too colorful or does it have a crazy print that you don’t really like? Put it right away. Even if you think it’s nice for a party or something else. You can put them in a box of clothing that you don’t wear at the moment. And maybe consider wear them some time soon, (but also not so sure of it). And it also helps you to have more space in your closet.

So these are my 4 tips on how to organize your closet. Now, read all these four tips on how to organize your closet and get on organizing!

I hope you all liked it, and if you maybe have some more tips, feel free to comment them down below.

Love, Saida



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