Current Skincare Favorites

Skincare is my favorite thing in the world! I think it’s so important to care for your skin, because you’re living in your own skin and you need to take care of it. I mean, you don’t always get up having a clear, perfect skin. And in order to have that, you should treat your skin right. How? To keep yourself hydrated and cleanse your face and body everyday, and know what products are good for your skin. Everyone has a different skin. Some have a dry or oily skin. I think it’s so important to know what your skin can take and also know how to take care of it. Or see a dermatologist and see what skincare is best for you, if you can’t come out with what products are best for you to use.

Now I would like to inform you, that I (as a skincare lover), love masks. I think they’re so good, amazing and really refreshing for your face. There are so many different ones, clay, peel off, and just normal ones.
I like to try new ones every once in a while. And I also really love scrubs!
Recently I’ve been loving masks/scrubs from Lush. I love them and I think that they’re really amazing because you can see the results so quickly. It’s insane! There are 3 masks/scrubs from Lush that I am using at this moment. #1 Ocean Salt. This scrub is unbelievable. It’s so good, and it really helps reduce your acne and it makes your skin feel so soft! I usually use this after I’ve showered, and it feels so amazing!
#2 Mask of Magnaminty. This mask is a deep cleanser for your skin. And leaves your skin really soft and shiny. I love to use this for a refresher and whenever I feel like I need to deep cleanse my skin. You can use it for your face and also your body. #3 Herbalism. This face and body cleanser is my favorite at the moment. It really helps reduce your acne and your skin feels so soft after washing away everything. I’ve been using Herbalism for a couple times now, and wow I’m so impressed by how amazing this cleanser is. My skin truly has been clearing up and feels so soft now.
I’ve also been loving their shower gel, “Bubbly”. It has such a nice smell, and makes your skin so smooth and soft. And it also leaves such an amazing scent in your shower. Anyway, these Lush products are giving me life!

Removing your make up after a long day, can be tiring some times. And I know the struggle. And at some times, when I get home, I immediately love to get rid of the make up on my face and clean my face so good!
I used to, use make up wipes to remove my make up. But I got rid of it, because I didn’t feel comfortable with it and felt like it wasn’t doing good to my skin. So I stepped over to use the Micellar Water from Garnier SkinActive. It’s a cleaning water and makeup remover. This one has been treating my skin very well and I’m loving it so far! And then after I have taken off my make up, I like to cleanse my face with the Pure Active 3 in 1, face cleanser from Garnier, too. The 3 in 1 stands for, Cleanser, Scrub and Mask. I love to use an electric face cleanser, because it gets deeply into the skin and really does remove everything. And then I just wash my face with warm water, which leaves my skin fresh and smooth.


This one, I showed in my latest monthly favorites, is the Mario Badescu skincare line. I have it now for quite a while, and it has honestly blown my mind. I have the Facial Spray and also the Drying Lotion.
These ones are also the most amazing skincare I have ever used. I like to use the Facial Spray as a refresher for my face or to set my make up (which is also possible to use). The facial spray has Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater in it. And I like to use the drying lotion, when I go to bed. I dip a cotton swab in the bottle and then put it on some spots on my face and let it dry overnight. This has been a routine lately. I’ve been loving it, and it’s really helpful.


So these are my favorite skincare products at the moment. I hope you all liked it, and I maybe even inspired you to get yourself some of them.
These are all my own opinions and I’d definitely recommend these products if you are having the same troubles with your skin.

Thank you!

Love, Saida


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