My Favorite Shirts for the Spring/Summer

Shirts are my favorite type of clothing. I can wear them anytime, anywhere, and with everything. I like to wear shirts that are quite versatile. And I like to wear them in different ways. This time, I wanted to show you guys my three favorite shirts that I own, that I think are perfect for the spring and summer season.

I love to wear shirts that are a little oversized to have a loose effect. I like a laid back look, by wearing them with a cool denim jeans and some nice pair of comfortable shoes, like trainers. I’d definitely love to make a lookbook on how I style it in my way.

Here are my three favorite shirts, that I got from H&M.

I love this white shirt. You can basically wear it with everything. It can make your outfit look so nice and very casual. You can style it with everything that you want. I think it’s such a musthave for your closet, to at least have one white shirt. And it’s also an amazing piece for the warm weather.


I’ve been obsessed with stripes lately and I think that they’re amazing for the spring/summer season. I’m in love with this blouse, because it’s white. But the baby-blue stripes make it look really amazing and also really perfect for the sunny season. This blouse has a thin material, which is what I love most about it, because it’s lightweight. And it’s also oversized and also makes your outfit look effortless.

This blouse has this perfect blue shade and white stripes. It’s kind of like the one before, but like the colors reversed. And they’re the same exact model too. I love this blouse, because like the other one, it’s oversized and it has wide sleeves. I like to wear it with a complete simple outfit (whether it’s with black jeans or denim), to give it a little pop of color. Even though it’s blue. I’m obsessed with the shade and the model.

So these were my favorite shirts/blouses for the spring/summer season. I hope you all liked it and got inspired to get some shirts too and start to create your own style. And make some amazing outfits!
If you want a lookbook on how I like to wear them, I’d love to know. Please leave a comment down below, so I know.

Thank you!

Love, Saida


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