Coachella 2017

Coachella 2017 has come to an end, and time flew by way too fast.
Is it weird to say that it’s one of my favorite festivals, even though I have never attended it? Is it overrated? Yes. Do I want to attend it? Yes. It looks so much fun. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been watching the movie “XOXO” and listened to “I Met This Dude At Coachella” by Brezy and Rykeyz a few times.

Coachella is not a festival where only celebrities go to, it’s where everyone can go to, just like a normal festival. Only the prices are overpriced and if you’re just a normal human being, and got tickets to the fest, then you’re lucky enough to attend it.
It’s all about the music, art and fashion. Talking about music, Kendrick Lamar’s album “DAMN” came out and he performed at the festival. (The album is so good!)

Many people like to think about wearing the best fashion statements and popping out, with the glitters on their faces and bodies and wearing tons of layered jewelry. It’s all about the bohemian and edgy style.
A lot of (my favorite) bloggers and influencers attended the fest this year and I’ve been binge-watching some of their vlogs these past few days.

REVOLVE hosted a #RevolveFestival party, for the third year. This time it was bigger and better. A lot of bloggers were involved and joined the party. I love Revolve’s parties because they always come up with such amazing set ups and designs for their logo and also have the best pool parties (that I hope to experience one day, because it looks like so much fun!)





So I’ve collected some of my favorite fashion looks from the two weekends, and I’m obsessed with these looks! Check out the photos down below.


’till next year Coachella!

Source: Instagram


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