Inspiration Tuesday: Home Decor

New season, is new home decor right? Starting fresh with a new look, always feels so good. It feels good to change things up a little bit, here and there. And change is a good thing, isn’t it? How about trying new things out, like adding some greenery into the house, that give such good vibes. Or more colors into the decor, or new paintings on the wall, etc.

Pinterest is the place that I love to go on, for inspiration. I pin my favorites onto my inspiration boards. I always have my Pinterest page, on the top bar and on the sidebar, in case you want to check it out! There are so many different styles, that you can play with. My style is quite minimal, but I recently started to add a little color in my room, with some green and copper little details, and I’m loving it. I’m planning to make a blogpost about my favorite things that I love in my room and make a little haul for you guys.

I collected some of my favorite interior looks that I spotted on Pinterest. These are different kind of things, from plants, to cool wall decor and amazing home decor. I hope you get inspired, and feel like starting fresh with a new look for the house! Enjoy!


Source: Pinterest


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