Spring 2017 Fashion Trends / Inspiration

Spring is here, which means new fashion styles and trends. The sun has been out for such a little time in the Netherlands, but it’s starting to feel a lot more Spring, (I mean, if the rain and wind could just chill a little, then yes).

I’m so excited to show you guys my favorite fashion finds for this Spring. I’ve seen different things, stuff that are way different from how my style is, but I absolutely love to try new things out. These fashion finds could be colorful, bold, and/or amazing statement pieces that you need to own. Let’s check them out!

Let’s first start off with these awesome pants. I’ve been seeing these for quite a while, and I personally really like them a lot! I think that they would look good with really amazing trainers, whether they’re white or black, or some colorful Adidas or Vans trainers. They’re the perfect loose fit for a nice day out, rocking a cool and laid back, sporty look, with a blazer/jacket or a nice coat. You can also wear them with heels, which is also a nice style. What I really love about these pants is the thick lining on the sides, the white bold stripe, or the warm red tone is really awesome too! There are so many different ones.

Everyone knows the Gucci loafers, the black leather flats, with fur. They also have them with embroidery on them, and they look so good and amazing. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and I’ve seen quite some knock-offs of them. So, you can basically look very Gucci (internet slang), but from a lower price. I think that they can look very chic and laid back, for a nice look. You can wear it with anything you want, and it will look like your outfit costs like a thousand bucks.
These loafers are the shoes to wear if you want to look chic and classic. I really like them a lot! I think that they’re a good statement piece to have, to finish up your outfit in a classic way.


Bomber jackets have been a thing, but have you heard about the thin ones? The lightweight bomber jackets are the new thing and are really amazing for the hot weather and if you don’t want layer up too much. This one is amazing for the hot weather, but also if it’s a little chilly. It’s easy to dress up and have an awesome piece to show off. A lot of new ones are coming up whether they’re colorful, printed (with a floral print), embroidery on them and more!

And best for last are the ruffles. Ruffles can make your outfit really cute and pretty! I’ve seen them on tops, blouses, dresses and even pants. So, if you want to look cute and want an effortless look, then you should definitely go for the ruffles.

Source: Pinterest
None of these photos are mine. Credits go to the owners.


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