January Favorites – 2017

Hello guys! Welcome to my new blog! Loving the change, the new look? I’m WAY too excited! I decided I wanted to step up my blogging game and I wanted a whole new change for the new year’s, but sadly I had some trouble within the process. The whole month of January I have been working every day on it, and sleeping wayyy too late! But hey! Hard work pays off! I’m so excited to launch the new blog and the new name?! Yes! I came up with BeYoutifully Inspired. It describes how I am and what I love and what I like to share! Be You(rself)! Know that you’re beautiful and embrace yourself and love to be different. And be inspired within everything you see, whether it’s fashion, health, interior, food, everything that you see around outside, etc! Love who you are and live the life you want to live! I started this blog, not just for fashion, but I love to show people what really inspires me, to be the best version of myself everyday and be motivated and love doing what I love to do! I’m really excited for this year!

Now on to the favorites of the month! January has still been a great month, shopped a little/much? I don’t know, but I’d thought I’d show you guys my favorites, from all different categories!


January has been a good sale season, and I thought I would share my favorites with you guys. I’ve been looking for a nice matching suit, (I have always wanted to have a striped one), and when I went to H&M, I saw that they had one, on sale! I was so excited, that I got it right away! It has this navy blue color with white stripes. I really love the fabrics and the stripes. With the pants, it has little slits on the sides, which makes it look more edgy. I think it’s really nice to wear it with a plain white shirt, and some nice white trainers.

Since it’s Winter and it’s always cold here in the Netherlands, I got these two really warm knitted sweaters. They’re the same model, black and beige which are my favorite colors. The sweater has slits on the sides, that makes it look cool. I love them.

This blouse is everything that I’ve been looking for! It’s a nice light blue with white stripes, blouse. The model is quite wide, which is something that I’ve been looking for a long time. I love it so much, I think it’s perfect for the Spring/Summer season.

And here are some of my little favorites! These white shoes are so amazing! I really love the thick soles it has. I’ve been looking for good ones, for a good price and I saw that H&M had these on sale. I’m obsessed! I also have these pair in black too, so I think it’s really awesome to have two pairs of shoes in two different colors. You can definitely wear them with anything you want.
What I have also been looking for (forever!) are the cleared glasses and a cute, normal and little black bag. I got the cleared glasses from H&M and the little black bag from Forever 21! Which I got on the Cyber Monday sale.
I also got this navy blue striped scarf. I love it and it’s so warm. I later found out that the suit and the scarf, kind of make it go together, which is really nice!


Lush is the best thing that could ever exist! I love their masks, and I think that their products are really awesome for those who are dealing with acne or any blemishes and/or scars. These are my favorite products, but my most favorites are Ocean Salt and the Magnaminty masks.

Movie favorites

I’ve been loving the movie “La La Land” with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. I love this movie and the story, and most definitely the music. I think I can watch this movie over and over again. I love the song “City Of Stars” so much!
The next one is a movie I just found out about, which is “XOXO”, a Netflix movie. It’s basically about a boy that pursuing a DJ career and he has this song, that he posted on Youtube and it got a million hits. While his friend (also manager), books him on a festival called “XOXO”, to play his music, since his song was a hit. This movie is kind of like, you’re watching a movie about Coachella. I’ve seen this movie twice already. I love it! This movie stars Sarah Hyland, Hayley Kiyoko and Graham Phillips.

Music favorites

And last but not least, the monthly music favorites. As some people may know, I have a Winter ’16/’17 playlist on Spotify, which is here. I also have it down, on the right side (desktop), or if you’re on a mobile, it should just be down under.

  1. Ritual – Marshmello, Wrabel
  2. Scared To Be Lonely – Dua Lipa, Martin Garrix
  3. I Was Wrong – A R I Z O N A
  4. Setting Fires – The Chainsmokers
  5. All I Ever Wanted – Michael Brun, Louie
  6. Gold Dust – Galantis
  7. Bounce Back – Big Sean
  8. Undercover – Kehlani
  9. Say It (Illenium Remix) – Flume, Tove Lo
  10. Me & You – Alok, IRO

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are loving the new feature of the blog! I’m very excited for what’s to come next.
There are more posts coming your way, so stay updated!

Love, Saida ♥︎


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